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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Desperate House Homos [Part 3]: The Communicative Wife

If anyone can tell you that communication is the key to a successful relationship, it’s Greg. Over the last year and a half with his boyfriend Dan, Greg has worked hard at discussing their issues until things get resolved.

When Greg had to be out of his tiny bachelor apartment, he talked Dan into moving in together. It took multiple conversations to convince Dan to take a vacation, but they eventually went to Mexico. Greg was also very open to dialogues about the possibility of a threesome to keep their sex life exciting. While Greg worked hard at keeping the lines of communication open in their relationship, Dan worked hard on communications for his business.

Dan spends his days at the trendy restaurant he co-owns and spends hours every evening on his laptop promoting the restaurant online from home. Or at least that’s what Greg thought he was doing.

One evening while Dan is in the shower Greg decided to quickly check his email, but when he opened the laptop he was shocked at what he saw. Instead of the restaurant’s webpage, Dan was spending his time watching guys jerk off live on an Internet porn site called "BoysCondo." Greg confronts Dan and he didn’t yell or get angry, but remains calm in the hopes that they can talk it out.

They argue and Dan promises to stop visiting the site.

A few days later, Greg isn’t convinced that Dan is sticking to his word so he decides to check the history on Dan’s browser. Sure enough, the porn site dominated the list and Dan was choosing to ignore everything Greg had said.

Feeling disappointed, he goes out for a drink, and after knocking a few back, he starts talking to a cute boy named Chris. After some conversation and a few more drinks, Chris asks Greg if he wants to go home with him.

“Where do you live?” Greg said, entertaining the idea.

“At BoysCondo. It’s an Internet porn place,”
Chris explains. “You don’t mind, do you?”

Normally Greg would have rejected offers for one-night stands, especially one of this ironic nature, but it suddenly occurred to him that in order to get Dan to fall in line, maybe it was time to make his debut online.

At the condo, Greg follows Chris into a small room with a couch and a computer with a camera attached. They began kissing, undress, and Chris gives him a blow job. Greg groans and smiles into the camera knowing that Dan is probably watching.

Greg definitely understood the value of communication within a relationship, but he is also clever enough to understand that sometimes actions spoke louder than words.

When Greg arrives home, Dan is furious and they have a huge fight and break up. Three weeks later when their anger dissipates, they are able to talk things through and get back together. Dan made sure to stay clear of Internet porn sites and they both promise never to speak of this messy incident again.